In the past years, intrumental pedagogy has advanced at a surprising rate. Methods for beginners are easier to use, taking the evolution of the child and their age into account.

Master professors stress the importance of regular scale practice. We all agree that scales are a basis for learning cello technique, and for that reason we include scales in our teaching. However, we do not have method books adapted to children’s learning.

Why do we need a new scale method book? These books aid students in learning the basics skills required by music schools. Scales are written out in their entirety so that the students will have an easier time knowing what they have to study.

Teachers will also find these books easy to use, seeing as we have never had the appropriate scale at hand for each student. Instead, we have had to arrange or cut and paste traditional scale books that are not very accessible to beginners.

These books are intented to accompany both traditional and new methods, and can be flexibly used however the instrument is taught.

The french and english version is available at: